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Nic Scotland – Owner

Nic is an artist, teacher of art and educational writer. She loves art, design & buildings & has always been interested in the restaurants that Sean has had a part in setting up & worked in. So when an amazing site presented itself, the time was right for Nic & Sean to bring their different skills together & build their own restaurant.

Nic co-ordinated graphic designers Band, Architect Simon Clarkson, bar specialists FPG, flooring specialists Hawke’s Bay Timber & Flooring & numerous other contractors to bring their concepts to life. Nic continues to manage the overall look & feel of Milk & Honey & is responsible for all marketing. Nic & Sean also own Pizza Pazzi, situated next to Milk & Honey, and MHC their new café in the Big Save furniture store in Pandora. Nic uses her experience in art & design to ensure the look of their spaces continually evolves whilst staying true the original concepts.

Nic & Sean have two children Oliver & Rosie who are budding restaurateurs & artists amongst many other things. They are all very privileged to work, live & play in Napier.