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Our wine philosophy is simple. List wines that we love to drink, from producers we trust and respect and who care about their product.

We are lucky enough to regularly try wines from many wine regions around New Zealand and the world. When we see wines that show soul and style, and speak of the people who spent time and love bringing them from their vineyards to our little part of the world, we just have to show them off.

We love finding wines that represent variety and the winemaker’s interpretation.

We want wines that stand out and welcome food into the equation.

We want our guests to smile when they try the wines we love.


As the popularity of cocktails has increased, we have thoroughly enjoyed pushing our boundaries and creating an entirely original cocktail list that includes full strength concoctions, lower alcohol options, and non-alcoholics.

Our inspiration is both global and local, with a focus on house-made and local ingredients.

We believe in creating cocktails that are delicious and intriguing, made with interesting ingredients and techniques, with an earnest passion for the craft, entirely without pretension.


New Zealand beer and beer lovers have entered an exciting chapter of late. Craft brewers are breaking new ground, forging individual reputations and gaining appreciative loyal drinkers.

Our challenge is finding enough fridge space to stock even a fraction of the beers we love.

From Dunedin comes the legendary Emerson’s; From Auckland – Hallertau, who recently celebrated their tenth birthday; From Wellington we have Tuatara, Garage Project, and Panhead; From the provinces we have Mike’s from Taranaki, Croucher from Rotorua, and Rennaisance from Marlborough; and finally our local region is well represented by Brave, Giant, and Zeelandt.

Beverage List Winter 2017