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small plates from 3pm | larger plates from 6pm | drinks and sweets all day
please inform staff of any allergies
Dinner Winter 2017 PDF


daily bread & dip 8
add an extra dip + 2

edamame, rice wine vinegar flakes 8
spiced, salted & roasted nuts 8

polenta fries, wasabi and cucumber raita 9

kimchi guacamole, dumpling wrapper chips 10

fries of the asian persuasion – chunky fries, kimchi mayo, bonito flakes, spring onion & coriander 9

steamed bun, fried chicken, pineapple & kimchi slaw 9

steamed bun, crispy pork belly, hoisin, pickled cucumber 9

small plates

all 16

thyme and miso aranchini, bay leaf baked green tomatoes, sheep milk cheese

grilled octopus, chimichurri, crunchy tortilla, sour cream, cherry tomato salsa, parsley

crispy fried chicken thigh, korean chilli, nuoc cham

tempura prawns, roast apricot nam phrik dipping sauce

seared scallops, tofu & herb sauce, green apple, macadamia, basil

panko crumbed pork sliders, mayonnaise, coriander, pickle

seasonal house made soup

large plates

wagyu beef rump, poutine of seasonal root vegetable chips, smoked cheese curds & tarragon jus 32

crispy pork belly, parsnip puree, sesame & broccoli salad, tamarind caramel 31

chef’s noodle bowl 24

bacon ramen noodles, slow cooked korean pork shoulder, soy broth, soft egg 29

seared wild venison fillet, rosemary & burnt butter kumara mash, apple glazed parsnips, broccolini 33

panfried fish, kimchi coconut rice, tamari almonds, coriander, lime 31

bostocks organic free range chicken leg confit, cauliflower cous cous, labne, honey walnuts 29


daily greens, za’atar 6.5

roast butternut squash, ssamjang, crispy shallots 8

freekah & cucumber salad, orange blossom dressing 7

fries, garlic aioli 7

green salad 6


all 15.5

turkish delight ice cream pie, rose water chantilly cream, sugared almonds

warm mandarin syrup cake, fresh mandarin, pink gin granita, crumbled shortbread, dukkha

sticky south african pudding, vanilla ice cream, tamarillo compote, caramelised white chocolate

portuguese custard tart, toasted coconut ice cream, coconut butterscotch sauce, kaffir lime


40g cheese per serve

origin earth ‘sleeping giant’ aged sheep’s cheddar, rosemary infused honey, oat crackers 14

waimata manuka ash rubbed brie, sesame crackers, cranberry & onion jam 14

all of the above 25

ice creams & sorbets

ask your waiter for today’s flavours

one scoop 5, two scoops 8, three scoops 11
affogato – two scoops of vanilla bean with hawthorne espresso 10
add your choice of liqueur +5

something small to finish

biscotti & a glass of local sticky 15

dark chocolate sea salt fudge & a shot of patron XO café ‘incendio’ 11